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Climax of the great gatsby

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In the prior day's lesson, I asked students to consider two points as they read Chapter 8 of The Great Gatsby.  The first point that I wanted them to consider was the novel's climax.  There are so many events that happen in The Great Gatsby which involve some build up and could qualify as the high point of suspense.  The question is:  Which event is the most suspenseful? Secondly, I want students to think of Gatsby as a Christ figure.  To get them to think in this light I asked students to consider how Gatsby sacrifices himself for Daisy.  Why does he so willingly offer himself as the killer of Myrtle when Daisy is guilty and does not offer any remorse for what she has done?  I also emphasize the passage in the chapter where Gatsby "shoulders the mattress and started for the pool."  I also point out another line in the chapter: "Once he stopped and shifted it a little and the chauffeur asked if he needed help, but he shook his head..."  This last line is a reference to one of the 12 apostles who offers to help Jesus.  Now, depending on the level of the class and their knowledge of religion, I may have to offer some explanation, but I will see how far I can go before students have no idea what I'm talking about.For homework, students were asked to prepare a quick write regarding the climax and the Christ figure analogy.  For the first part of the Socratic Seminar, we are going to focus on the climax and see where that leads us.  If we have more time and students are really responding, we will throw in the Christ figure analogy.  (This is the first exposure to the Socratic Seminar for students. I have also amended the procedure a little.)The process:We sit in a circle with one chair in the middle.  The chair in the middle is called the "hot seat."; we then review rules:Students only speak when it is their turn and questions are asked when a student's name has been called.  I will use popsicle sticks to determine who goes first and who will ask questions.Popsicle stick drawn identifies the first student to offer their answer to the question:  What is the climax to The Great Gatsby?  They then sit in the hot seat.  (Because students prepared a response for homework, they can reference their quick write.)Next popsicle stick identifies a student who will ask the speaker a question such as: "What led you to your decision?  What evidence in the novel supports your decision?" "If you could get inside the head of F. Scott Fitzgerald, why do you think he chose this event as the climax?"  "How different would the book be if Fitzgerald did not include this event?"This procedure continues until everyone has served time in the "hot seat."I play a short excerpt from the enclosed video to show students what a Socratic Seminar looks like and sounds like.  It is really only necessary to play :40 to about 1:20 for students to get the gist.For the climax question, students usually argue over how much drama is in each possible climax.  They commonly whittle down the possible climax choices to the Daisy "loved you too" comment in the hotel, Myrtle's murder, and Gatsby's murder.  Students oppose the Daisy scene in the hotel because it lacks the violence and drama of the other two choices.  Some students don't believe that Gatsby's death is the best choice because it occurs after the death of Myrtle when readers have been numbed a bit by the violence.For the Christ figure analogy, I will simply ask: Is Gatsby a Christ figure?  Why.

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Earthquake resistance building essay

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Main article: Earthquake engineeringEarthquake-resistant structures are structures designed to protect buildings from earthquakes. While no structure can be entirely immune to damage from earthquakes, the goal of earthquake-resistant construction is to erect structures that fare better during seismic activity than their conventional counterparts.

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Study abroad application essay london

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The Study Abroad ApplicationWhile not every school will use the same study abroad application, I am willing to bet that most applications will have pretty similar components. Based on my own experience with the study abroad application process, I’ve compiled a few helpful hints to get you thinking on the right track, as well as provide guidance in case you run into some difficulties.The study abroad application will look almost like a regular college application.

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Ut dallas admissions essay images

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Bouvier's Law Dictionary1856 EditionAA, the first letter of the English and most other alphabets, is frequently used as an abbreviation, (q. v.) and also in the marks of schedules or papers, as schedule A, B, C, &c.

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Year of wonders study notes essay

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Notes: Leaf-Fall 1666 We have looked at the first chapter – which chronologically occurs towards the end of the text, and discussed some of the reasons why Brooks might choose to structure her novel in this way. We see a lot of characters interacting with each other in ways that are quite different to the next chapter, demonstrating how much they have changed during the time of the plague. Brooks has taken her time here to describe the desolation of the garden that Elinor cared so much for – this reflects the desolation of the village and the characters – particularly Mompellion whose despair is so evident here.Anna (our narrator) is stoic, and is keeping things afloat.

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Article printable worksheets

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Parts of Speech WorksheetsParts of speech refer to the functions of words in a sentence. There are eight general classifications for words: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Students gain a better understanding of grammar and sentence structure by understanding these basic components.

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Case study procedure

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CoursesCase Studies courses are:AIT 710- Case Studies in Information SecurityAIT 715- Case Studies in Internet ApplicationsAIT 720- Case Studies in Networking TechnologiesAIT 725- Case Studies in Software EngineeringAIT 730- Case Studies in Information SystemsAIT 735- Case Studies in Database Management SystemsAIT 740- Case Studies in Healthcare Information TechnologyAIT 745- Case Studies in Computer ForensicsRegistrationRegistration for a Case Studies course must be completed prior to the end of the Add/Drop period. Case Study ProcessIt is recommended that students begin the case study process the semester before they want to register.  Students are expected to get in touch with a professor to be their Case Study Advisor (PDF).  Students are responsible for developing a proposal that needs to first be approved by their case study advisor who will then send to the program director for final approval and permission to register.  You are not eligible to register for a case study unless all of the prerequisites have been completed.

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Sample book report essay

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StepsPart 1Researching and Outlining Your Report1Follow the requirements of your assignment. Read through the assignment sheet carefully and make note of any questions that you have. Raise your hand during class or talk with your teacher afterward to go over any concerns. Make sure that you know the required paper length, due date, and any formatting requirements, like double-spacing.

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Sample cover letters for technical jobs

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Example of a Technical Cover LetterCover Letter Helps: If a job in the technical field is one that interests you, be sure to include the following in your cover letters: 1) employment experience, 2) personal enthusiasm for the kind of work you are applying for, and 3) your availability for an in-person or phone interview so you can get to know more about the company and the hiring manager can get a feel for who you are. WARNING: Don't apply for another job in a technical field without adding your own customized interview-getting "secret sentence" to the top of your cover letter...Free Career Quiz Creates Your "Secret Sentence" That Lands Tech Job Interviews Like Crazy......

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